Teen Car Crash Deaths in Three States A Reminder to Young Boston Motorists to Drive with Caution

Our Boston personal injury law firm represents victims that were involved in serious Massachusetts motor vehicle crashes. There can be many reasons why a traffic crash might happen. Drunken driving, distracted driving, drugged driving, speeding, carelessness, recklessness, drowsy driving, and auto defects are among the more common causes. Another cause of auto injuries and deaths is driver inexperience, which is common among teen drivers. Many of them lack the experience behind the steering wheel that can only come from years of actually operating a motor vehicle.

In the last few days, three tragic auto accidents involving teens in three different states have been a powerful reminder that teen driving can be dangerous. In Ohio early Sunday, six teenagers were killed when the stolen SUV that they were riding in overturned on a guardrail. The driver and five of the passengers died. Two other teens survived the collision.

Also on Sunday in Texas, five teens in a Chevrolet SUV were killed when the vehicle they were in crashed into a gasoline tanker. According to officials, the driver, age 16, failed to halt at a stop sign and collided with the large truck at an intersection. Everyone in the vehicle, including two sisters, died.

In Illinois, four teens were found dead in a sedan in a creek bed on Tuesday morning. The two girls and two boys ranged in age from 15 to 17.

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, per miles driven, teen drivers are three times more likely than older motorists to be involved in a deadly collision. Auto crashes continue to be the number one cause of youth fatalities in this country.

The common causes of motor vehicle crashes that we mentioned above are some of the same reasons that Massachusetts teen driving accidents happen. That said, our Boston car crash lawyers cannot stress how the inexperience of youth can truly impact a teen driver’s ability to navigate challenging road conditions, bad weather, emergency situations, and rush hour traffic.

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