Templeton, Massachusetts Bar Brawl Sends Man to the Hospital

A man who was accused of putting his arm around someone else’s girlfriend at the Candlelight Café in Templeton last Friday has since had to get 32 staples to his head and 100 stitches. He was watching a friend perform karaoke when Brian Ronn and William Felone allegedly assaulted him with beer bottles.

The victim claims that his arm was already resting on the bar when the woman sat down next to him. Felone and Ronne have been arraigned on assault and battery with a dangerous weapon charges. They have both pleaded not guilty. At this time, it is not known whether the victim intends to file a Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit against his alleged assailants.

Property owners have a responsibility to protect their visitors, patrons, customers, and others from becoming the victim of violent crimes or getting seriously hurt in other ways. Even if the premise owner or an employee did not do anything to cause the injury or the accident, they could still be held liable. It is a good idea to explore your legal options to find out whether you have grounds for a case.

There are different reasons why someone may have grounds for filing a Boston premises liability case:

• Inadequate security • Swimming pool accidents • Violent crimes • Sexual assault crimes • Dog bites • Animal attacks • Uneven surfaces • Slip and fall • Trip and fall • Step and fall • Balcony collapses • Poor lighting • Snow and ice-related accidents • Poor maintenance • Carbon monoxide poisoning • Toxic fume exposure • Injuries caused by flooding • Burn injuries from fires • Smoke inhalation • Floor/ceiling collapse • Falling merchandise • Broken stairwell • Electrical hazards • Unsanitary conditions
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