The Most Deadly Time of Day to Drive in Massachusetts

Navigating the streets of the Bay State can be treacherous for even the most seasoned of drivers. According to recent studies, Massachusetts has the fourth-worst roads in the country and Boston has the fourth-worst traffic in the world. A new Forbes Advisor report sheds more light on the issue by pinpointing the most dangerous times to drive in the state.

As it turns out, you may want to start driving more cautiously during your evening commute. According to the report, the most deadly time to drive in Massachusetts is between 5 and 6 pm. Using National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data for 2016 to 2020, Forbes Advisor found that more fatal car accidents happened in the state during this hour than during any other. The same was true for Maine and New Hampshire.

This time was slightly earlier than the country as a whole. Nationwide, the report found that 6 to 7 pm is the most dangerous hour to drive. The next most deadly time is 8 to 9 pm, followed by 9 to 10 pm. Overall, the most dangerous driving hour in the majority of states falls between 3 and 10 p.m., especially after sunset.

Massachusetts Traffic Facts

Massachusetts has one of the lowest rates of fatal motor vehicle crashes in the nation, which means the state is doing something right when it comes to safety. However, people still die or suffer injuries all too often. The statistics below highlight the potential dangers on the streets of Massachusetts.

  • Roadway Fatalities: At least 439 people died on Massachusetts roads in 2022, up 30% from the year before. Around a quarter of the accident victims were pedestrians or bicyclists.
  • Dangerous Days: As in the nation as a whole, more fatal car accidents happen in Massachusetts on Saturday than on any other day of the week. Weekend days are more dangerous overall, as Friday and Sunday follow Saturday on the list.
  • Drinking and Driving: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2.5% of adults in Massachusetts admitted drinking and driving in the past 30 days. That is a higher rate than the 1.7% of adults nationally who report the same.
  • Road Rage: Another Forbes Advisor report had Massachusetts tied with Missouri as the second-most likely state for drivers to report another driver yelling, insulting, or cursing at them (50%). The Commonwealth ranked 15 overall on the list of states with the most confrontational drivers.

Massachusetts Car Accident Attorneys

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