Three Pit Bull Terriers that Injured 9-Year-Old in Pittsfield, MA Dog Attack Declared ‘Vicious”

Three pit bull terriers have been placed under quarantine after a Pittsfield, Massachusetts dog attack that sent a 9-year-old boy to the hospital. Perrin and his mother Jessyca Petell were entering their multi-family residence on Monday night when the dogs ran at him in a common area. The pit bulls belong to another resident.

Perrin sustained 35 nail and teeth puncture wounds to his face, head, and arms, and a portion of his scalp (about 3-inches by 3-inches in size) was torn off. Per state law, Pittsfield Police Chief Michael Wynn declared the dogs vicious and said they must be “disposed of.” The pit bulls’ owner has 10 days to appeal.

Massachusetts Dog Attacks
Dog attacks can result in injuries way more serious than a few nips and bite marks. Young kids are especially prone to severe injuries to the face and other body parts because of their shorter statures. If a child’s injuries are serious enough that he/she is left disfigured, this can create a whole array of emotional and mental traumas-especially if reconstructive surgery cannot be done until he/she is older.

In Massachusetts, which is strict liability law state when it comes to dog bites, a dog owner does not need to be negligent in order to be held financial responsible for Pittsfield dog bite damages. The dog doesn’t even to be declared vicious or have caused injury to anyone else previous to now. That said, the plaintiff will have to prove that victim did not provoke the animal and that he/she wasn’t trespassing at the time of the attack.

If you or someone you love was mauled by a dog, a Boston injury lawyer can help you explore your legal options. It is important that you don’t talk to the dog owner or his/her insurer about what happened without your own legal representation present.

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