Two Armed Robberies in Three Days Near and On Harvard Campus

Early Sunday morning, the second armed robbery in three days near Harvard campus occurred. Kai Robert Kruger, a 21-year-old Cambridge man, shot at a police officer after robbing three Harvard freshmen.

Before the police arrived, Kruger stole the students’ credit cards, wallets and cell phones. Police spotted a man acting suspiciously, and when they stopped to investigate, he fled and fired shots. The man, later determined to be Kruger, missed and fell down a flight of stairs. He was then disarmed and taken into custody.

Early Thursday morning, a man unaffiliated with Harvard was the victim of an armed robbery in Harvard Yard. It is unclear whether the two incidents were connected.

Harvard Police told the Boston Globe that they have added patrolling officers to increase their visibility on campus.

Source: The Boston Globe, Second armed robbery in three days near Harvard campus

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