Two Former Nursing Home Owners Say They Neglected Patients

In Norfolk Superior Court, Joel K. Logan and Todd Logan, have pleaded guilty to neglecting patients and stealing funds at five nursing homes they used to own. The two men had been charged with medical assistance fraud, larceny, embezzlement, conspiracy, and patient neglect, and they have been ordered to serve five years probation and pay $150,000 in restitution.

The Logans say that not only did they used state Medicaid funds for personal use from January 2001 to June 2003, but they neglected to provide patients with medicine, food, sanitary conditions, and bed linens. They also stole funds from the Pond Meadow Health Care Facility, Logan Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, and the Elihu White Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, took $55,000 in employee wages that had been withheld for 401K retirement funds, and did not pay money they owed for short-term disability and life insurance policies.

The two brothers can never work in healthcare again.

Nursing Home Neglect
It is illegal to abuse or neglect a nursing home patient. Not only are nursing home neglect and abuse punishable by criminal law, but the patient and/or his or her family can sue for damages with the help of an experienced Boston personal injury lawyer.

Nursing home neglect can seriously harm a patient’s already precarious health condition and lead to:
• Bedsores
• Fall injuries • Malnutrition • Illnesses • Weight loss • Death
Examples of nursing home neglect:
• Failure to regularly check on a patient.
• Failure to monitor a patient’s health and treatment.
• Failure to give a nursing home resident his or her medication.
• Failure to feed a resident.
• Not bathing resident.
• Allowing a resident to live in unsanitary health conditions.

Ex-nursing home owners admit fraud, neglect,, July 24, 2008

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