US Coast Guard Reports 9 Massachusetts Recreational Boating Accidents in 2007

The US Coast Guard has released the latest statistics involving boating accidents in Massachusetts and throughout the United States.

Statistics Include:

• 685 boating fatalities throughout the US in 2007.
• 9 of these deaths occurred in Massachusetts, where 36 boating accidents occurred.
• There have been at least 6 Massachusetts boating fatalities so far this year.
• There have been 101 boating accident deaths in the state over the last 10 years.
• A total of 5,191 recreational boating accidents occurred throughout the US in 2007.
• 3,673 people suffered injuries in these accidents.

Massachusetts Environmental Police Capt. George Agganis says that while the exact number of deaths may vary from year to year in the state and throughout the US, the causes of boating fatalities tend to stay the same and include:

• Drunk driving • Driver inattention • Speeding • Careless or reckless operation of the vessel
More Boating Accident Facts from the US Coast Guard Study:

• The cause of death of over 2/3rds of all boating accident deaths is drowning.
• 90% of the victims were not wearing life jackets when they died.
• Alcohol is a main factor in 21% of all boating deaths.

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Accident Statistics, US Coast Guard

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