U.S. Department of Justice Joins Whistleblowers in Medicare Fraud Cases Against Prominent Cardiologist

The Justice Department is now part of two whistleblower lawsuits accusing cardiologist Asad Qamar and his Institute for Cardiovascular Excellence of Medicare fraud. The complaints contend that Qamar conducted and billed for peripheral artery intervention procedures that were not necessary and waived 20% co-payments so that patients wouldn’t question his recommendations for treatment. The plaintiffs are treating the waived copayments as kickbacks that were made to patients.

According to Medicare payment data released last April, in 2012 Qamar received $18 million from Medicare in 2012, which is four times more than the next highest paid cardiologist.

The New York Times reports that Qamar and his practice have been accused of performing numerous unnecessary procedures patients involving vessels outside the heart. Patients were also reportedly given unplanned diagnostic imaging testing even when they were undergoing treatment for unrelated matters.

One of the whistleblowers formerly worked as a management consultant for Qamar and his practice. She claims that the Medicare fraud occurred from 2008 to 2011. In one of the complaints, Qamar is accused of placing a stent in one patient’s legs to treat a heart blockage rather than referring her to a specialist. That patient later died from alleged medical complications related to the procedure.

If you suspect Medicare fraud and you would like to explore your legal options, please contact our Massachusetts Qui Tam law firm right away. Our Medicare fraud whistleblower lawyers represent individuals seeking to report this type of fraud committed against the government. Under federal law, a whistleblower may be able to recover up to 30% of what the government gets based on the Qui Tam lawsuit.

A few examples of Massachusetts Medicare Billing Fraud:

• Up-coding • Billing for services that were never rendered • Double billing • Unnecessary medical procedures and testing
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