Waltham Nursing Home Under Investigation for Problems with Patient Care

Piety Corner Nursing Home, a Waltham, Massachusetts nursing home, has been placed on a federal government list of facilities that have serious issues with patient care. The 34-bed facility must now undergo government reviews more often.

In 2006, Piety Corner was cited for over two dozen violations-eight of which were considered actions that placed patients in immediate danger or harm, including:

• Failing to prevent neglect.
• Failing to prevent abuse.
• Failing to maintain maintenance and housekeeping services.
• Failing to promote and enhance quality of life.

Piety Corner also reportedly has failed to properly notify residents and their family members and physicians of changes in patient care and of any accidents that occurred. In one incident, Piety Corner reportedly failed to quickly notify the doctor of a resident of medical test results.

In 2005, a complaint was filed against the facility for its unnecessary use of physical restraints during medical care. Another complaint was filed because residents were not given sufficient liquids to stay properly hydrated.

Piety Corner must pass garner satisfactory results on three surveys in a row.

Nursing home abuse and neglect is an unfortunate problem that occurs in Massachusetts and the rest of the United States. Residents at nursing homes and other resident care facilities are entitled to a certain quality of medical and personal care. When failure to receive this care leads to abuse or neglect, a nursing home resident may be entitled to personal injury compensation.

Common kinds of abuse and neglect include:

• Medical neglect, including failure to provide proper and timely medical care • Physical neglect, including failure to assist in personal hygiene, create a clean living space, or properly freed or hydrate • Physical assault • Sexual Assault • Overmedication • Unnecessary physical restraints • Unnecessary medical restraints
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