YouTube Video Shows Massachusetts Motorcycle Trooper Struck and Injured 61-Year-Old Female Pedestrian On Patriots Day

A motorcycle trooper faces disciplinary action after a video on YouTube, titled “Spectator Hit by Motorcycle” showed that the trooper was partially responsible for a collision that injured a female Boston Marathon spectator.

The initial report findings, written by a police lieutenant, had found the pedestrian, 61-year-old Framingham resident Norma Shulman, at fault for the April 16 injury accident.



The video from WBZ-TV, however, shows Sgt. Dennis M. Bertulli running Shulman down with his motorcycle as he accompanied lead women marathon runners going down Route 135 in Natick.

The first report, written by Lt. William Cederquist, Bertulli’s supervisor, said Shulman had “entered the road” before being struck by the trooper. Shulman, however, had been watching from inside a white line along the curb. A final review now says that both Bertulli and Shulman were at-fault.

There are approximately 2 million pedestrians in Boston. Statistics from 2004 show that 82 pedestrians were killed and 268 others were seriously injured in Massachusetts. Injuries to pedestrians can be very serious if not fatal. They can include broken bones, severe burns, disfigurements, severed limbs, and other serious injuries.

Some Causes for Common Pedestrian Accidents:

• A motor vehicle doesn’t stop at a crosswalk • A motor vehicle does not stop before turning right on a red light • A motor vehicle does not see the pedestrian

If you are a pedestrian who suffered injuries on the road because another party behaved negligently, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer right away. Your personal injury lawyer can help you file a recovery claim for your injuries.

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