1999 Springfield, MA Police Brutality Case Gets New Hearing to Determine Damages

More than 13 years after a Springfield cop allegedly beat a convenience store owner and her adult kids, the Supreme Judicial Court has ordered a new hearing to determine how much the city and Officer Ronald Boykan owe Lucy Jones and her family. Jones claims that Boykan entered her store in 1999, forced his way into a private area and arrested her two kids before brutality physically assaulting the three of them.

Following their arrests, Bokyan was ordered to take part in sensitivity training while Jones’ kids, William S. Owens Jr. and Nicole N. Jones , were exonerated of all criminal charges. The three of them contend that not only did they sustain emotional and physical injuries from the Springfield, Massachusetts police brutality incident, but also they lost their store.

A Hampden Superior Court made a default judgment in 2004 and ordered the city of Springfield to pay the victims $1 million-he then reversed himself, tossing the ruling out, and the state Appeals Court went on to reinstate it.

However, now, Massachusetts highest court says that the lower court’s original assessment of how much the family was owed, which it determined according to the representations made by the plaintiff’s attorney, was not adequate. Justice Margot Bostford said that it is the judge’s duty to fairly make sure that there is a reasonable basis of fact behind the amount of damages decided.

Massachusetts Police Brutality
Excessive police violence is a violation of one’s civil rights and it can cause serious injuries and even death. Common forms of excessive use of police force can include physical assault, verbal abuse, false arrests, threats, blackmail, sexual assault, sexual abuse, racial profiling, and intimidation. Even if the police officer didn’t intend to be brutal but merely used to much force, if you or your loved one was injured, you may have grounds for a Massachusetts police brutality case.

Jones v. Boykan

$1 million award to Lucy Jones of Springfield in convenience store beating case sent back by high court for new hearing, MassLive, February 6, 2013

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

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