35 Hurt in Boston Trolley Accident Involving Two Trains

A Boston train crash at Boylston Station this morning has left at least 35 people with injuries. Nine of the victims were immobilized because of possible neck or head injuries.

The Boston trolley collision happened when a Green Line train departing Park Street Station rear-ended a trolley that was at the Boylston Station platform. Both trains were two-car trains.

According to MBTA Transit Police, initial signs indicate that the moving train wasn’t going at a fast speed when impact was made. However, The Boston Globe quotes one witness who said that she didn’t think the operator of the train, which she was riding, had braked before the collision. Another witness said he saw one passenger, who was boarding the stopped trolley at the time, get knocked back onto the concrete platform where he landed face down.

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Common causes of Massachusetts train crashes:
• Distracted operator • Drowsy operator • Speeding • Equipment failure • Derailment
Train collisions can lead to serious injuries for those on the train, who don’t have a seat belt securing them and those not on the train who must deal with the impact of colliding with such a large, heavy, generally fast moving vehicle.

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Massachusetts Bay Area Transportation Authority

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