Unlicensed Driver Collides with 3 Brockton Schoolchildren

It was a chaotic scene Thursday morning when a driver slammed into three young children waiting to board a school bus on Warren Avenue in Brockton, MA. The accident happened around 8:00 Thursday morning as the children were on their way to Brookfield Elementary School. Authorities say 38-year-old Yainira Boria of Brockton failed to stop for the school bus and drove right into three young students. Witnesses saw her get out of the car, ask if the kids were okay and then speed off.

The Boston Globe reports “A school bus was approaching to pick them up so the kids ran across the street,” said Lieutenant Robert Sergio. “A car in the opposite direction hit them and took off.”

The father of one of the injured children told CBS Boston that the woman told him she did not possess a driver’s license before leaving the scene. According to CBS Boston, all three children sustained non-life threatening injuries and were treated and released from Brockton Hospital. Two of the victims, Andreia Fernandes, 8, and Larry DaSilva, 6, are neighbors and recovering at home from their injuries.

Police began scouring the area for a red, older model Honda sedan with New Jersey plates which some news outlets have reported was either unregistered or stolen. A couple hours after the initial accident, authorities located the car believe to be involved and continued their search for Yainira Boria. It was not long before officers located her drinking a beer on the corner not far from the car involved in the accident. Boria was taken into custody around 10:00 am and could be heard yelling and crying from inside the police cruiser.

Lorenzo DaSilva witnessed his six-year-old son Larry fly up in the air, losing his shoes as he was hit by the fast-moving car old with two other children. No parent ever wants to see their child get hurt, especially not in such a violent manner. DaSilva said he was completely focused on his son, who he feared had suffered more severe injuries. Larry has been released from the hospital with both legs bandaged up and a slight limp.

Lorenzo DaSilva has a simple message for the driver. He told CBS Boston, “I hope they pay for that. Anybody who have kids. You love your kids.”

There were only three children on the bus at the time of the accident. Those children met with school guidance counselors to make sure they were okay after witnessing the scary incident.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data reveals that more than 4,000 pedestrians are struck and killed each year in the United States. The heavy majority of these pedestrian accidents occur in urban areas where high volume automobile and pedestrian traffic is common. In fact, nearly three-quarters of all pedestrian accidents occur in city settings, and Brockton is no exception.

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Original article at CBS Boston

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