Andover High School Confirms Hazing Allegations

Police and Andover High School officials are investigating allegations that some of the more senior members of the boys’ basketball team goaded younger players into consuming a cookie that was covered in bodily fluid. The alleged hazing incident is said to have taken place at Stonehill College last summer during an overnight sports camp.

School officials reportedly found out about the alleged incident in October and notified police right away. Since then, Stonehill has severed its connection with Hoop Mountain of Beverly, which ran the camp, for allegedly failing to meet is safety and supervisory duties. Hoop Mountain’s managing partner Greg Kristof maintains that the camp operator did its job and supervised the kids the entire time.

If you believe that your child was injured while under another party’s supervision and negligence played a role in the Massachusetts injury accident, please talk to one of our experienced Boston personal injury lawyers right away. Schools can be held liable if kids are injured while under their watch.

Hazing is the term given to certain initiation processes and rituals. Often, these activities are usually associated with school groups. Unfortunately, hazing has been known to cause serious injuries and even deaths. Schools and the groups involved have been sued as a result.

Just recently, a Florida A & M University drum major, is believed to have died after he was hazed. Robert Champion, 26, was found unresponsive on November 19. He was complaining of not being able to breathe and had been throwing up before he lost consciousness. His family is planning to sue the university for his wrongful death.

While some hazing incidents are harmless pranks, others involve dangerous activities that can lead to alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, physical assault, or other acts that can cause serious injury. In many instances, the person that is being hazed is under pressure to participate.

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