Boston Injuries Reported in 10 Segway Accidents in 2011

According to the Boston Globe, Segway accidents have resulted in at least 10 injuries in this city in the last 12 months. Nine of the incidents involved fall accidents off the Segways. A tenth incident involved a person on a Segway getting hit by a car.

Four of the Boston Segway accidents occurred in the Beacon Hill area. Another four happened in the North End, while two other incidents took place in Charleston.

If you or someone you love was injured in a Massachusetts Segway accident, you may want to explore your legal options with an experienced Boston injury lawyer.

As this two-wheeled electric vehicle that riders are expected to stay balanced on has grown more popular, so has the number of injuries. While Segway accidents do occur because of rider inexperience (it can take a little while for some people to get a hang of using the “Lean Steer” handlebar, as they lean forward and back to get a Segway moving) other common causes of related injury accidents are poor instruction, inadequate supervision, a defective Segway, a malfunctioning part, or a defect on the road.

Just last year, the Annals of Emergency Medicine reported that 25% of patients who were admitted to one DC ER were Segway accident victims. At least four people had sustained traumatic brain injuries and were treated in the ICU.

All of the accident information used in this study involved Segway fall incidents with the victims striking inanimate objects. Less than half of the patients whose records were examined had been using helmets. It was also last year that Segway company owner James Heselden died in a Segway accident. The 62-year-old sustained fatal injuries when his Segway skidded into the Wharfe River in England.

Other Segway Accident Injuries:
• Broken bones • Spinal cord injuries • Facial injuries • Wrist injuries • Disfiguration

In 2006, 23,500 Segways were recalled because a defective part caused the personal transporters to suddenly go backwards at high speeds. That announcement was made three years after Segway recalled another 6,000 because of a safety issue that could cause the two-wheeled vehicle to stop suddenly while the battery was discharging.

Segway has been named as a defendant in a number of products liability lawsuits. Parties that rent or loan out a malfunctioning Segway can also be held liable for Boston personal injury. If a road defect was the cause of your Segway accident, you may have grounds for a Massachusetts premises liability case.

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