Andover Personal Injury Lawsuit Seeks Damages for Student’s Sexual Assault During European Trip

The family of an ex-Andover High School Student are suing the town, two teachers, and EF Travel Inc., which is an agency located in Cambridge, for Massachusetts personal injury. The plaintiffs contend that the ex-student was raped during a school trip abroad in 2008 when she was 16.

In their Andover personal injury complaint, the victim is accusing the defendants of not properly monitoring the students during the European trip and of family to prevent them from consuming alcohol on the evening of the alleged rape. They are also accusing the teachers, Brian Shea and Josephine Goldin, of stopping the girl from calling police and failing to get her medical help after the alleged sex assault.

The plaintiffs say that the alleged rape occurred in a Germany hotel on the last night of the trip. Because the students knew when the teacher-chaperones were going to check on them that night, they planned their drinking party for after. The alleged victim, referred to as Jane Doe, was among those who got drunk and she claims that this was when a male student from another school restrained and sexually assaulted her.

Jane Doe says that when Goldin and Shea were notified of the alleged rape, they made her stand in front of the accused attacker and other students and questioned her about what happened and whether she’d been drinking. It wasn’t until she returned to the US and told her parents about the sexual assault that the police were contacted. A medical exam at a Boston hospital showed that she was the victim of nonconsensual sex. Also, The Massachusetts Department of Social Services, which conducted an investigation into the matter, says that Jane Doe’s allegations are credible.

If your son or daughter sustained serious injuries while under the supervision of another adult, group, organization, or institution, you may have reason for filing a Boston personal injury lawsuit not just against the person that caused the injury, but also against the party that was supposed to be responsible for safeguarding your loved one’s safety during that time and/or had the duty to prevent such an incident from happening.

Many Boston sexual assault victims don’t realize that they may be entitled to civil damages for the harm that they’ve suffered. In addition to serious personal injuries, there also may be psychological and emotional damage from such a violation.

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