Avoid Massachusetts Fireworks Accidents this 4th of July

With Independence Day just a few days away, our Boston injury lawyers would like to remind you to be careful if you happen to find yourself around or near fireworks. These manufactured explosives can be very dangerous and may cause serious injuries.

The US Consumer Products Safety Commission reports that thousands of people are injured in fireworks accidents each year. That said, it is illegal for anyone but licensed professionals to use fireworks in Massachusetts. If you are at someone’s home or at a private exhibit and you are injured in a Massachusetts fireworks accident, do not hesitate to contact our Boston personal injury law firm immediately.

Contrary to popular belief, even smaller fireworks, such as sparklers can cause injuries. Serious fireworks-related injuries may include:

• Eye burns • Burn injuries to the skin • Blindness • Amputations • Hand loss • Death
Even if you are at a professional fireworks display, accidents can happen. If the owner of the property where the display is talking place or the party in charge of the exhibit failed to remove any hazards and follow the proper procedures to ensure that participants and observers do not get hurt or die, victims of this type of Boston fireworks accident may have grounds for a civil lawsuit. If a firework proved defective or dangerous, a victim may have grounds for a Boston products liability case against the manufacturer. If any one acted in a manner that caused you to get hurt by a firework, you may have grounds for a Massachusetts injury case against him/her.

If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you are around fireworks, here are a few safety tips offered by the CPSC:

• Don’t let kids play with or ignite them.
• Make sure someone is supervising the activities.
• Keep a safe distance from the fireworks.
• Don’t point or throw the fireworks at anyone • Make sure that there is water that is easily accessible in the event of a fire.

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