Massachusetts Swimming Pool Accident: Drowned Woman’s Body Was Concealed by “Cloudy” Water for Two Days

According to authorities, the body of Maria Joseph went undetected for two days in a Massachusets public pool even as swimmers continued to use it. It wasn’t until Tuesday evening that teenagers saw her floating body in the Vietnam Veterans Swimming Pool in Fall River.

Joseph, 36, had gone swimming with a family on Sunday. After colliding with her friend’s 9-year-old son as the two of them went down a swimming pool slide, she wasn’t seen again.

CNN says that the pool is 12-feet at its deepest part. A health inspector who looked at the pool on Tuesday reported that its water was “cloudy.” It can sometimes take a couple of days for a decomposing body to rise to the surface.

Following the discovery of Joseph’s body, the pool’s managers, lifeguards, and three health inspectors were put on administrative leave. Meantime, 24 state pools were shut down while a further probe into the matter takes place.

Boston Swimming Pool Accidents
Swimming pool owners are supposed to make sure that their pools are safe. This ensures making sure that pools are kept clean and clear, not just for health purposes, but also so that if anyone is drowning while under water, it can be easy to see them. Pools need to be properly maintained and supervised. This means making sure that there is a lifeguard or another person tasked with making sure that no one drowns or gets seriously hurt. It is also important that pool drains and their covers are in compliance with the latest federal safety regulations and that the pools is closed off during off hours so that no one-kids, in particular-can get in the water when there no supervision .An experienced Boston injury lawyer can help you determine who should be held liable for your Massachusetts drowning accident or your loved one’s wrongful death.

Unfortunately, people are hurt in swimming pool accidents or die from drowning every year. Boston drowning accidents have been known to happen in both private and public pools.

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