Beverly, Massachusetts Sexual Abuse Allegations Continue Against Landmark School

According to Landmark School, a private school in Massachusetts, another five graduates have come forward claiming that they were molested by to ex-teachers and a former staffer. The alleged Beverly sex abuse incidents took place during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

A report from the school’s board of the trustees notes that the two teachers identified by the former students had already settled previous Massachusetts sex abuse lawsuits involving other victims. This latest news comes just a few months after three other alumni alleged that they had been molested also during the same time period. Among those accused of committing sex abuse is Howard Kasper, a former dean.

Landmark School is attended by kids with learning disabilities involving language. Tuition to attend varies from $46,575 to $62,000 depending on whether one is a day student or a boarding student.

Massachusetts Child Sexual Abuse
If you have been the victim of Boston child sexual abusem you may be entitled to civil damages. Sexual abuse may range from unwanted or inappropriate touching, kissing, fondling and it can be as violent as rape. Possible defendants may include your abuser or a party that should have prevented the abuse from happening but failed to do so.

Unfortunately, sexual abuse in schools has become a problem. This can happen when a trusted teacher, counselor, coach, or another authority figure opts to abuse his/her position by targeting students. Many times, kids are too young to know what happened or may feel like they have to do what they are told.

In Massachusetts, civil actions for minors that have been sexually abused may be filed within three years of the alleged act or within three years of when the victim realized (or (reasonably should have known) that a psychological or emotional condition or injury occurred as a result of the act. That said, the time limit for beginning this type of action is toiled until the victim turns 18.

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