Boston Construction Accident Results in $1.6M Massachusetts Personal Injury Settlement

A construction worker who sustained serious back injuries has reached a $1.6 million Boston injury settlement with the defendants of his Massachusetts construction accident lawsuit. The plaintiff, Leo Camilli, was hurt while excavating broken chunks of sidewalk during a job for Cicconi and Sons Construction Company, Inc.

Camilli contends that on July 24, 2007, the bucket of a backhoe struck his back while he was working and to this day he continues to experience physical pain and is unable perform physical labor. He also claims that he cannot lift heavy weights or sit, stand, crouch, stoop, bend, or kneel for too long. Not only has Camilli undergone multiple surgeries, and he is expecting to undergo more procedures, but also, he continues to take pain medications.

Following the Brighton, Massachusetts construction accident, Camilli sued the company, as well as its employee, backhoe operator Thomas Flebotte. Camilli claimed that it was Flebotte’s responsibility to make sure that there were no workers in the work zone before swinging the backhoe. He also said there should have been a foreman in charge of letting Flebotte know when the area was clear.

Now, the defendants have offered him $1.6 million in this third-party tort claims against them. According to court documents, an economist has estimated that in the wake of Camilli’s loss of ability to remain in the competitive labor market because of his back injuries, the former construction worker’s income loss is at about $1,402,507.00.

Boston Construction Accidents
Massachusetts construction workers place themselves at serious risk of injury when doing their jobs. This is why it is so important that a site is kept safe and proper precautions and procedures are implemented to minimize the chance of serious injury.

Unfortunately, many construction injuries are serious enough that the worker may no longer be able to hold a job/make a living. While you generally cannot sure your employer for Boston injury, you should be entitled to Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits. That said, if there were other parties involved in the construction project, such as the project owner, contractors, architects, and others, you may be able to file a third-party claim for personal injury compensation, in addition to receiving your work injury benefits.

Read the Notice of Docket Entry (PDF)

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