Boston Dangerous Drug Lawsuit Over Meningitis Outbreak Linked to Massachusetts Compound Pharmacy Proceeds

A multi-party lawsuit against the New England Compounding Center for the drug injuries and deaths of people who received contaminated steroid injections is proceeding. Named among them are NECC owners Greg Conigliaro, Lisa Cadden, and Barry Cadden. Products liability lawyers are attempting to add more defendants, including the maintenance company that was tasked with cleaning the facility where the compounding pharmacy was located and a number of pain clinics where the tainted injection was administered.

Hundreds of patients in at last 23 states were exposed to fungal meningitis via the shots, which contained black mold, and over 60 people died from related complications. The defective drug came from NECC, which is a compounding pharmacy in Framingham, Massachusetts that has since been shut down. It also is seeking bankruptcy protection.

In one fungal meningitis lawsuit related to this particular contamination outbreak, one woman isn’t suing NECC but instead is going after its sister companies, which share ownership and other ties with it:

• Ameridose LLC • Medical Sales Management Inc.
• GDC Properties Management LLC • ARL Bio Pharma Inc.
• Medical Sales Management SW Inc.

Their financial states are such that it may be easier to obtain drug defect compensation from them than from NECC. Other defendants named in her personal injury case are the co-owners of NECC, mentioned above, and also Douglas Conigliaro, Glenn Chin, Carla Conigliaro, Saint Thomas Outpatient Neurological Center, which is the Tennessee clinic where the tainted injection was administered to her, one of its Howell Allan Clinic, and clinic employees Dr. John Culclasure and Nurse Debra Schamberg.

In this drug injury lawsuit, Carolyn Bland and her husband Leon contend that the clinic began buying steroids in bulk from NECC to save money-a claim that the hospital refutes.

Fungal Meningitis
Symptoms of fungal meningitis can include stiff neck, chills, headache, vomiting, confusion, drowsiness, bright light sensitivity, and fever. Serious side effects may include strokes, neurological problems, spinal cord damage, brain damage, and even death.

You want to work with a Boston fungal meningitis law firm that knows how to help you obtain the compensation that you are owed.

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