Boston Food Injury Lawsuits Let Victims Recover Damages for Serious Allergic Reactions, Food Poisoning, Burns

If you suffered a serious injury from food that you were served or bought, you may have grounds for a Boston personal injury lawsuit. Food-related illnesses can cause serious harm to the victim.

For example, food that is improperly prepared or spoiled or cooked in an unsanitary environment can cause stomach conditions, such as food poisoning, Salmonella, E. Coli, and even death-with older seniors and younger kids more susceptible to the more serious complications. There may be hospital bills, medication, and related costs from having to take time off work to recover.

Another common food injury is burns from liquids or dishes that are too hot. This can cause burn injuries to the tongue or hands/another part of the body should the high temperature cause the person to drop the food/drink.

Accidentally leaving a foreign object in the food can also cause serious injuries to the teeth or mouth. In one unfortunate food injury incident a few years ago, a man sued Claim Jumper restuarants after finding a condom in his French onion soup. He settled his food injury lawsuit with the popular chain.

Food allergies are no joke-especially as peanut allergies can prove deadly and Celiac disease can cause serious illness to a person when triggered. In 2011, a family sued a Chinese restaurant for wrongful death for failing to avoid serving the 13-year-old food with nuts even after being informed she had an allergy. She died from her allergic reaction.

The maker/producer/distributor of a tainted food item that causes harm to a consumer can also be sued for the Boston food injury.

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