Boston Green Line Trolley Collision Caused by Human Error, Says MBTA

Three people sustained Boston injuries on Monday in a collision involving two Green line trolleys. According to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, human error was the cause of the accident.

The Boston trolley crash occurred in the afternoon in the 700 block of Huntington Avenue on the Green Line’s “E” branch close to the Brigham Circle. One of the trolleys derailed, which resulted in it making contact with another trolley. According to a preliminary investigation, a switch that should have been shut was left open.

The three people that were injured include the operator and two passengers, who complained of neck and back pain. One of the passengers who got hurt was Wessam Paki. He told WBZ that he had dozed off on the trolley but woke up when passengers started falling on him. He says that his head struck the wall and he sustained arm and leg injuries.

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Collisions involving trolleys, subways, and trains can cause serious injuries to passengers, operators, engineers, and rail workers. Depending on whether you are a patron or employee, you may be entitled to certain recovery benefits. For example, injured passengers may be entitled to Boston personal injury compensation and Massachusetts railroad workers may be eligible for work injury coverage under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act.

What you don’t want to do is not pursue damages or fail to file your Massachusetts workers’ injury claim because you think doing so will be too much of a hassle or you are too intimidated by the process. Having an experienced lawyer can make all the difference in what you end up recovering in a civil case or receiving as your work injury benefits.

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Your injury doesn’t need to have happened during an actual collision for you to possibly have grounds for an MBTA lawsuit. Altman & Altman also handles cases involving injuries that occurred at commuter rail and bus stops and in subway stations, including those that are a result of inadequate security and other Massachusetts premises liability hazards.

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