Boston Nursing Home Negligence Can Lead to Food Choking Accidents

Massachusetts nursing homes house many patients with special dietary and eating needs. While some patients cannot be fed certain foods as a result of food allergies, diabetes, high cholesterol and other health issues, still others have certain disabilities, problems swallowing, no teeth, problems or suffer from dementia and need helping eating, cutting up, liquefying, blending, or straining their food.

Unfortunately, choking accidents do occur because of Boston nursing home neglect. Nursing home workers can fail to make sure dietary restrictions are followed or fail to properly prepare or process the foods so that a resident can eat safely.

Choking incidents can prove catastrophic for nursing home residents. Extremely painful, uncomfortable, and traumatic, choking can deprive the victim of oxygen, which can result in a serious traumatic brain injury and even death. In Massachusetts, our Boston nursing home abuse and neglect law firm is here to help our clients prove that inadequate supervision, poor nursing care, or other acts of negligence contributed to the causing your loved one’s choking accident.

People stay at nursing homes because they need specialized care. Assisted living facilities know this and they also know that choking accidents do happen. There is no reason why proper procedures shouldn’t be in place so that preventable choking accidents are avoided. Also, there are some residents who are obviously more at risk of choking on their food than others and it is unacceptable when a nursing home fails to properly supervise these residents during meals.

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