Toyota Motor Corp. Recalls Another 2.17 Million Vehicles Over Floor Mat/Accelerator Pedal Entrapment Concerns

Upping the number of vehicles recalled since 2009 to over 14 million globally, Toyota Motor Corp. says it is recalling another 2.1 million motor vehicles in the US because of concerns that the accelerator pedal might get stuck in the driver’s side floor mat or carpeting. As you know, our Boston injury law firm has been reporting on this safety issue for some time. Now, following this latest recall, the US Transportation Department’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it is satisfied with the automaker’s handling of the pedal entrapment problem and it is closing its investigation into this matter.

It was earlier this month when US regulators announced that they had determined that electronic issues were not the cause of the sudden, unintended acceleration problems that have led to hundreds of complaints, including auto products liability lawsuits and wrongful death claims. Rather, driver error (“pedal misapplication,” meaning the motorist accidentally stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brakes) and mechanical defects are the primary culprits.

Included in this latest pedal entrapment recall are:
• 600,000 400Runner SUVs (2003 – 2009 models)
• 17,000 Lexus LX 570s (2008 – 2011 models)
• 761,000 RAV4 compact SUVs (2006 – 2010 models)
• 372,000 RX330, RX 350, and RX 400H autos (2004 – 2007 models)
• 397,000 Toyota Highlander SUVs and hybrids (2004 – 2006 models)
• 20,000 GS300 and GS350 all-wheel drive autos (2006-2007 models)

Toyota says no injuries, deaths, or accidents related to this latest recall have been reported. Also, NHTSA says that of the 93 allegations of death in the approximately 3,000 reports of sudden acceleration incidents it has received, 5 of them have been confirmed. However, there are still dozens of auto products liability lawsuits waiting to be resolved.

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