Boston Pedestrian Accidents Frequently Occur on Massachusetts Avenue

Students and workers on Massachusetts Avenue are complaining that the street is a danger zone for pedestrians. Aggressive drivers, multiple buses, motorcyclists weaving through traffic, speeding ambulances, faulty walk signals, and pedestrians talking on cell phones are some of the reasons they cite for why so many pedestrian accidents keep happening on this busy Boston road.

Since the Boston University School of Public Health installed new facilities on Massachusetts Avenue this year, at least six pedestrians have been hit by cars. There have also been a number of near-miss pedestrian accidents.

For example, on August 29, Associate Professor Anita Raj was struck by a motor vehicle as she stepped onto Massachusetts Avenue. She sustained minor bruises in the traffic accident.

According to The Boston Globe, professors, other staffers, and students are calling on Boston police to put in a four-way traffic stop, install traffic cameras, and enforce traffic laws. A few months ago, the Boston Transportation Department posted bigger “Yield to Pedestrian” and “No Turn on Red” signs, as well as signs warning pedestrians to watch out for vehicles that are turning. Boston workers also repainted the street’s crosswalks. New traffic signal controllers allowing pedestrians to cross the street before the green light goes on will also be installed.

Municipal safety officials are supposed to make sure that all streets are safe for motorists and pedestrians-especially on roads where there is plenty of traffic and/or are located around school zones and in residential areas. There are also steps that motorists can take to prevent pedestrian accidents from happening.

Some Steps Drivers Can Take to Avoid Boston Pedestrian Accidents:

• Yield to pedestrians.
• Watch out for pedestrians that appear distracted when crossing the street.
• If there is a car that is stopped in front of you or next to you, consider that there may be a pedestrian crossing the street and you may have to stop also.
• Be on the lookout for pedestrians that may be walking behind your motor vehicle as you are backing up.
• Even if it is your turn to move forward in traffic, look out for pedestrians that may still be in pedestrian zones or elsewhere on the street.

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