Boston Playground Accidents Can Cause Serious Massachusetts Child Injuries

Every year, over 200,000 kids are injured in playground accidents in the United States. Sometimes, the injuries are a result of what can sometimes happen when children are busy running around and playing with each other. In other instances, a Boston playground accident could have been avoided were it not for the negligence of others.

Common causes of Massachusetts playground accidents that might be grounds for a Boston injury lawsuit:
Inadequate supervision: adults should properly supervise Kids in playgrounds. When failure to supervise, such as at a school or an event at the playground, allows for injuries to happen, the person or entity tasked with providing the supervision can be held liable. Inadequate supervision also can up the risk of child abductions and sex abuse happening.

Defective/unsafe playground equipment: Sharp edges on equipment, rust, faulty equipment parts, entrapment hazards, strangulation/choking hazards, equipment that is not properly secured to the ground, broken equipment, equipment that is not age appropriate, hard playground surfacing such as asphalt, concrete, or blacktop (or even soil, grass, or packed-earth), rather than the softer surfaces (wood chips, sand, wood chips, shredded rubber, rubber surfacing mats) designed to cushion during falls.

Poorly designed playgrounds: Equipment is installed too close together, lack of separate, designated areas for toddlers and school kids; failure to keep seesaws, swings, and other equipment away from the other playground areas, inadequate/no guardrails around elevated areas to prevent fall accidents.

Inadequate maintenance of playground area and equipment

Inadequate warnings of safety hazards

According to, playground equipment that it does not consider safe include:
• Glider swings that can carry more than one kid at a time • Animal figure swings • Swinging ropes, which can pose a strangulation hazard or fall hazard,
• Exercise rings • Monkey bars • Trampolines
Common Playground Accidents and Injuries:
• Fall accidents (from slides and other equipment that place kids at elevated heights)
• Head injuries • Hanging accidents, which can cause asphyxiation deaths • Falls onto unsafe playground surfaces • Fractures • Concussions • Internal injuries • Broken bones

Our Boston injury lawyers represents families whose kids were injured in a Massachusetts playground accident. You may have reasons for filing a claim or lawsuit based on products liability, injuries to a minor, premise liability, or some other type of negligence.

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