With Older Adults More Prone to Massachusetts Fall Accidents, Boston Nursing Homes Should Exercise the Needed Care to Protect Patients

According to the CDC, every year, out of every three adults in the 65 and older age group, one of them will be involved in a fall accident-and less than 50% of those that fell will tell their healthcare provider. Considering that fall accidents are the leading cause of injury deaths among seniors who belong to the 65 and older age group, these figures are very disturbing.

At Altman & Altman, LLP, our Boston nursing home neglect and abuse lawyers represent families whose loved ones suffered serious injuries, health complications, or died in a Massachusetts fall accident at a long-term care facility. Nursing home providers know that fall accidents are common for the major demographic that they treat and it is their job to exercise the necessary preventive measures so that residents don’t become a fall accident danger to themselves, such as:

• Removing any spilt liquids, fluids, or foods from the floor • Installing handrails in hallways and in shower stalls • Providing nursing assistance to patients that cannot walk or move properly without help • Installing bed rails • Following proper procedures when using a lift to raise, lower, or transfer a patient from a bed to another bed, wheelchair, gurney, or surgical table • Properly training and educating staff about Massachusetts nursing home falls.
• Installing raised toilets • Providing beds that are lower to the ground in terms or height
An elderly patient that fractures or brakes his/her hip in a Boston fall accident may not only require a longer period of time (than his/her younger counterparts) to recover, but also the resident may be more at risk to infection, other health complications, or even a permanent deterioration of health. It is important that your Boston nursing home negligence attorney has the experience to assess the extent not just of current injuries but also recovery time and other related costs.

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