Boston Police Brutality Alleged in Federal Lawsuit Filed by Man Who Recorded Friend’s Arrest

Maury Paulino is suing the city of Boston and four of its police officers for Massachusetts police brutality. He recently filed his federal lawsuit in US District Court.

Paulino, then 19, contends that the cops beat him in November 2009 because he had used his cell phone to record them disciplining his friend. At the time, his friend was being released from the police station in Roxbury and had gotten into a verbal altercation with one officer.

Paulino says that not only was he charged with violating Massachusetts wiretapping laws, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and assault and battery, but also one cop kneed and punched him and used pepper-spray on his face. Meantime, the other police officers allegedly just stood by.

Paulino’s Boston personal injury lawyers maintain he was never aggressive or threatening toward the police officers and he did not interfere with their activities. In his Massachusetts police brutality complaint, Paulino notes a federal appeals court’s ruling that it is not illegal to record police officers while they are doing their job. Also, a clerk magistrate has since dropped the illegal wire tapping charge against Paulino, who was acquitted of the other criminal charges during his trial. He is suing the city of Boston for allegedly failing to properly discipline and supervise its cops.

Paulino says that his injuries included a scalp laceration, neck abrasions, and bleeding from his nose, mouth, and lips. He is seeking monetary damages.

Meantime, the Boston police have said that since 2010 its officers have been trained to know that it is not illegal to openly and publicly record them as they do their job.

Police officers must uphold a certain code of conduct. This includes not employing more force than necessary at any time and definitely not abusing the right to exert force by using it to intimidate, scare, or bully others.

Many people don’t realize that police brutality does happen and that this is both against the law and a violation of one’s civil rights. There may be legal remedies available allowing the victim to obtain Boston personal injury recovery for the harm that they have suffered.

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