Massachusetts Slip and Fall Lawsuit Against McDonald’s Can Proceed, Says Supreme Judicial Court

A case of fortuitous timing has prompted state’s highest court to allow a woman who broke her foot when she slipped in an icy parking lot at a McDonald’s to proceed with her Massachusetts slip and fall lawsuit. Mercilla Lindor was injured in 2007.

In her Massachusetts injury lawsuit, she complained that the condition of the parking lot was so bad that someone else fell right after she did and medical workers had to ask the restaurant’s employees to salt the ground. A judge would later go on to dismiss her complaint because per state law at the time property owners could not be held accountable accidents resulting from acts of nature. He issued his order on July 22, 2010.

However, because the clerk didn’t record the order on the docket until July 28, 2010, the state’s Supreme Judicial Court has decided that the Massachusetts slip accident complaint can proceed. That’s because a ruling is not considered official in Massachusetts until it is docketed by a clerk, and on July 26, 2010-two days before the decision was docketed-the SJC revised the law on landlord liability by ruling property owners-especially commercial ones-are in fact responsible from protecting guests from nature’s actions.

Boston Slip and Fall Accidents
Boston slip and fall injuries can lead to painful, debilitating injuries. Property owners must make sure that their premises are free from any hazards that could cause serious slip and fall accidents. This includes making sure that the ground is safe enough to walk on when the weather conditions are poor. Other common causes of slip and fall accidents include:

• Debris or liquid left on the floor • Failure to post “slippery when wet” warning signs • Poor lighting • Uneven flooring • A missing step • Unnatural ice accumulation • Black ice on the ground
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