Boston Products Liability?: Keep Kids Away from Single-Load Liquid Laundry Pods

The CPSC recently put out an alert warning that a new type of laundry detergent-the single-load liquid laundry packet-is proving toxic for kids. While laundry detergent was never supposed to be ingested, what makes this product especially child unfriendly is that they look and even feel like they might be small pieces of candy or a teething toy.

It doesn’t help that they tend to come in bright, attractive colors and their texture has been likened by some to that of a gummy bear (soft and gooey). Liquid laundry pods are also small enough to put in the mouth and easy to puncture so that it is no wonder that the detergent, which contains toxic ingredients, can easily make contact with the eyes and skin. Also, the majority of liquid laundry packets don’t come in childproof containers.

Already, the CPSC knows of at least 500 incidents involving kids and adults getting sick from this type of detergent. Serious side effects may include throwing up, sleepiness, problems breathing, eye irritation, diarrhea, temporary vision loss, and/or ocular burns. The American Center of Poison Control Centers is reporting about 10 calls a day over injuries involving this laundry product during one 20 day period.

Please contact our Boston products liability law firm to request your free case evaluation. Manufacturers, sellers, and distributors can be held liable if their product causes serious injury or death. Product defects can occur because a product is inherently dangerous as is. Incomplete instructions on proper use or failure to warn, should either result in injury, can also be grounds for a Massachusetts single-load laundry packet lawsuit.

To prevent such injuries, it is important that you:
• Keep the laundry packets away from kids.
• Handle them only when your hands are dry. Bare wet hands or saliva can cause the detergent to dissolve fast, releasing its chemicals.
• Call 1-800-222-1222 if the detergent makes contact with the eye or is swallowed.

Other laundry products to keep away from young kids and babies: Rust remover, fabric softeners, home dry cleaning kits, stain removers, and bleach.

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