Boston Slip and Fall Accidents are Common Occurrence When Snow and Ice Pose Additional Massachusetts Premises Liability Hazard

Snow and ice on the ground are not only a danger to motorists, who must drive even more carefully to prevent their vehicles from slipping and sliding so they do not become involved in a Massachusetts motor vehicle crash, but also the ice and slush can prove a danger to people walking on sidewalks, driveways, in parking lots or on wet store floors. This it is why it is so important for cities, business owners, homeowners, and other property owners to clear ice and snow from their premises.

If a Boston slip and fall accident happens, not only is there a possibility that the victim can get seriously hurt-broken bones, hip injuries, back injuries, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, joint injuries, and traumatic brain injuries are not uncommon-but the premise owner may find that he/she has become a defendant in a Massachusetts slip and fall lawsuit. Granted, Massachusetts landowners are not obligated to clear snow or ice that naturally accumulates on their property. However, if a defect exists that, along with the snow or ice, contributed to causing the Boston premises liability accident, the injury victim may have grounds to sue.

Slip and Fall Accidents
Property owners are not supposed to allow any hazard to remain on their property that can cause slip and fall, trip and fall, or step and fall accidents. Other offending fall accident dangers include spilled liquids or foods, floors that have been just mopped with water/cleaning liquid but have yet to dry, stairwells that lack handrails, uneven surfaces, exposed cables or power cords, item that are left on the ground, cracks on the floor, torn carpeting, loose floorboards, and inadequately lit stairwells.

A slip and fall hazard is a premises liability. If you were injured because a property owner was negligent, you have three years to file a Boston slip and fall lawsuit against the liable party.

Massachusetts slip and fall accidents can take place anywhere. It is important that you get medical help as soon as possible and that you or someone else takes photographs of the accident site while the evidence is still intact.

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