Boston Slip and Fall Accidents Usually Require the Attention of an Experienced Injury Attorney

Our Boston injury lawyers recently posted a blog about how the winter months will surely put the new Massachusetts slip and fall standard to the test. Unlike the previous standard, which required that the victim prove that “unnatural” causes and the landowner’s negligence caused the slip and fall snow hazard, now, a person injured in the slip and fall only has to prove that the landowner was negligent or failed to use reasonable care to remove the ice or snow that became a slip hazard. That is, of course, unless the slip and fall accident occurred on a public sidewalk or street.

What can a property owner do to remove snow or ice that has naturally accumulated? Placing salt or sand on the ice is one way. Shoveling snow off walkways is another. That said, the haphazard clearing snow or ice can also create a slip hazard. It is important that you work with an experienced Boston slip and fall law firm that knows how to handle this type of injury case.

Hopefully, the new standard will make it easier for a victim to obtain Boston slip and fall injury recovery. That said, chances for financial recovery in most Massachusetts personal injury cases are usually greater when you retain the services of lawyers that know how to gather and analyze the evidence for this type of case, as well as prove liability.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about a million people are injured in fall accidents and about 20 thousands others are killed in slip and fall accidents each year. Although a slip or trip accident may sound minor, this is often not the case. The pain, discomfort, and disability that can result can cause physical, emotional, and mental hardship-not to mention the toll that medical and rehabilitation costs and lost wages from time off work can take.

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