Boston Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuits Can Help Victims and Their Families Cope with Expensive Medical Expenses

At Altman & Altman, LLP, our Boston spinal cord injury lawsuits represent victims and relatives that wish to seek damages from the parties responsible for what happened. SCIs are very serious injuries that can cause serious medical conditions, including paraplegia, quadriplegia, deep vein thrombosis, movement and sensation loss, urinary tract issues, bowel management issues, bedsores, circulatory issues, respiratory issues, muscle tone problems (flaccidity, spasticity, and atrophy), depression, severe pain, and even death. This is not the type of case that you want to handle without experienced legal help.

Common causes of SCIs:

• Car accidents • Fall accidents • Violent crimes • Gunshot injuries • Sporting accidents • Construction accidents • Getting hit by (or striking against) something
• Medical malpractice
Obviously, spinal cord injuries can occur in other types of accidents. In a recent SCI lawsuit, college student James Sa is suing the organizers of the 2011 Warrior Dash Event in Michigan after he became paralyzed from diving headfirst into a mud pit at an event. He now is a quadriplegic who cannot move from the chest down.

While Sa did sign a liability waiver that included his consent not to go into the pit headfirst, his complaint contends negligence on the part of an event emcee that tried to get participants to dive into the mud. Sa claims that because of his SCI he has since suffered pneumonia and recurrent respiratory failure.

Living with a spinal cord injury can be challenging not just physically, emotionally, mentally, but also financially. It can take a toll not just on the victim but also on family members and other loved ones, whose lives are also irrevocably altered. In Massachusetts, it is important that the Boston personal injury law firm you hire fully understands the severity of the damages and losses that you and your loved ones have suffered because of what happened so that you can maximize how much you may be able to recover.

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