Boy Dies Following Shrewsbury Drowning Accident at Summer Camp

Aaditya Basrur, who was critically hurt after almost drowning in a Shrewsbury, Massachusetts swimming pool accident, has died from his injuries. Basrur, who was rushed from St. John’s High School to the hospital on July 14, was attending the Camp Saint John summer day camp for kids. He died a few days after the incident.

At the time of the Shrewsbury near drowning accident, Basrur was taking part in an “open swim” with about 40 kids in the outdoor pool. Administrators say that there were lifeguards on duty.

School superintendent Joseph Sawyer later issued a press release about Basrur’s death. The young boy had just finished first grade at Paton Elementary School.

Massachusetts Swimming Pool Accidents
With drowning accidents a leading cause of death for young children, it is important that swimming pool owners and those charged with supervising swimmers exercise the necessary precautions to prevent drownings and near drowning accidents from happening. Even if someone is lucky enough to survive a Boston drowning accident, he/she may have been deprived of oxygen for long enough to be left with a traumatic brain injury.

Young kids can drown in swimming pools, hot tubs, inflatable pools, and on the beach, which is why it is important that they are not allowed in the water without proper supervision. Private pool owners should make sure that their pools are properly fenced in or covered when not in use so that no one can get in without their consent. Public pool owners should also make sure that access to the pool is restricted during off hours. In addition to lifeguards, easy access to an emergency phone, and making sure there is adequate rescue and safety equipment nearby, swimming pool owners should make sure that the pool is free of debris so that if someone does drown that he/she is easily visible. Just recently, the body of a woman who drowned in a Fall River public pool went undetected in the water for two days. No one saw her through the “cloudy” water.

Mass. boy critical after near drowning at day camp,, July 15, 2011
Schools react to the loss of Aaditya Basrur, counseling to be available to students, The Daily Shrewsbury, July 19, 2011

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