Boy Scouts Concealed Child Sex Abuse, Reports LA Times

In Massachusetts, our Boston child sex abuse lawyers represent victims of molestation, rape, and other sexual assault crimes who are seeking damages from their abusers and those that allowed their injuries/trauma to happen. Perpetrators of sex crimes have included priests, other clergy members, teachers, coaches, counselors, family friends, relatives, and others who abused their relationship with the victims. Also, schools, churches, and other organizations and entities have been called to task for civil damages related to the injuries inflicted.

Now, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that after looking at 1,600 confidential files between 1970 to 1991 involving the Boy Scouts of America, it has discovered that Scouting officials often tried to cover up allegations of molestation by its volunteers and employees. These latest findings come from the organization’s same “perversion file,” meant to black list alleged molesters. Last year, however, the LA Times revealed that despite the lists, a number of suspected predators have continued to molest, making their way back into the program by skipping the registration process, falsifying their personal data, or moving to another troop while availing of computer and clerical mistakes and the failure by the Scouts to check to the blacklist.

The Times says that the Scouts would usually just get the suspected abuser to resign. Also, reportedly, in most instances involving Boy Scouts-related child abuse allegations, it was the police that notified the Scouts first. In the majority of cases (at least 400 incidents found) when the authorities didn’t, the Scouts did not notify the authorities at all, and they may have even (in more than 100 cases) actively sought to cover up the abuse. All this even as parents, boys, and staff members have come forward with their allegations over the years.

Massachusetts Child Sex Abuse
Massachusetts sex abuse can cause devastating physical, psychological, and emotional harm to the victim. Often, the perpetrator is someone who had access to the child because of their personal relationship or his/her role of supervisor, counselor, priest, teacher, or guide. Sex abuse violates the victim’s spirit, body, and soul. You may be able to sue your perpetrator and any parties that allowed the abuse and/or should have prevented/stopped it but didn’t. Even if it’s been awhile since the abuse happened, the statute of limitations may still allow for you to obtain compensation.

Boy Scouts helped alleged molesters cover tracks, files show, Los Angeles Times, September 16, 2012

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