Can Cell Phone Addiction Cause Boston Car Accidents?

According to some experts, the constant use of mobile devices may soon end up classified as an addiction similar to alcoholism or drug addiction. This is bad news, considering that most people won’t go anywhere without their cell phones, and dangerous when you think about how many accidents occur every year because people can’t stop talking on their phones or texting while driving.

Our Boston injury lawyers want to reemphasize that talking or texting on a cell phone while driving can cause Massachusetts car crashes. If you or someone you love was involved in a cell phone driving collision that resulted in serious injuries, do not hesitate to contact us right away to request your free case evaluation.

In the Gettysburg Times, psychologist David Greenfield says that continual and frequent use of PCs, laptops, and phones actually triggers a chemical response in the body similar to the one activated by gambling. This type of reaction can make it hard for the person to stop. Also referenced in the same media outlet is psychologist Michael Breus, who is also a sleep specialist. Breus says that some people get so worried that they might miss out on a call or a message that they have to sleep next to their phones.

Now why would cell phone addiction be a concern in terms of motor vehicle safety? Because even though a person addicted to his/her mobile devices might know that talking or texting on a cell phone or checking emails while driving is dangerous, he/she might not be able to resist sending or receiving messages and making phone calls. A cell phone addicted driver might be so distracted while driving that he/she could end up causing a catastrophic Boston car accident. Then again, one doesn’t have to be addicted to mobile devices to be become distracted just long enough for there mere seconds it takes to strike another vehicle or a pedestrian.

As the National Safety Council recently noted, cell phone use is a factor in at least 1.3 million US collisions a year. About 1.2 million likely involved people talking on cell phones. Also, texting while driving can up the chances of a collision by at least 23 times.

Granted, outside the context of driving a motor vehicle, constant use of a cell phone seems harmless enough-although some critics believe that this behavior can have a negative impact on personal relationships and sleep and may possibly up the risk of cancer. However, anytime a driver has at least one hand off the steering wheel, both eyes off the road, and his/her focus/concentration elsewhere, the chance of Boston personal injury and wrongful death on Massachusetts’ roads goes up.

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