Child Injury Risks Prompt CPSC Recalls of CareBears Pacifier, Kickboard USA Scooter, PBTeen Bunk Beds, Babylicious Cloth Crib Fringe, Bumbo Baby Seats, Toysmith Bracelets, and My Clothes Children’s Pajamas

Every month the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls products that may pose an injury risk to consumers. While we would like to think that manufacturers and distributors are doing everything to make and sell consumer goods that are free from defects and other safety hazards, this is not always the case. In this blog post, our Boston injury lawyers would like to recap of some of the latest CPSC recalls announced this month over products that pose an injury risk to kids and babies.

CareBears Pacifiers: Importer IDM Group and the CPSC are recalling approximately 119,000 of these pacifiers because they don’t meet federal safety standards. Should the pacifier nipple come off its base, it can pose a choking danger to kids. No injuries have been reported so far. This product was made in China.

Children’s Scooter: Importer Kickboard USA is cooperating with the CPSC to recall about 5,600 scooters. Kids are at risk of suffering laceration injuries should the plastic platform that is over the front wheel base of the scooter break.

Beadboard Bunk Beds: Importer PB teen has received reports of over a dozen bunk beds with panels that have broken or cracked. If this happens to the bed’s front upper horizontal panel and someone is in the bed, that person could get hurt.

Babylicious Crib Fringe: About 300 units are now recalled. There is a narrow fabric strip that connects a number of individual fabric triangles. The fringe is supposed to attach to the crib’s side or next to curtain rods or window valances. Unfortunately, babies are at risk of getting entangled in and strangled by them.

Bumbo Baby Seats: This high profile recall involves about 4 million units in the US. Even after a massive recall in 2007, babies were still falling out of these foam seats and getting hurt. The recall will allow the manufacturer to repair the safety problem by adding a restraint, an improved warning label, and updated instructions on safety and use.

Animal Snap Bracelets from importer Toysmith: Should the sharp edges of the metal snap band wear through the fabric, users are at risk of laceration. Already, there have been eight reports of such injuries.

Children’s Pajamas from importer My Clothes Inc.: These pajamas don’t satisfy federal flammability standards for kids’ sleepwear. This can place a wearer at risk of suffering serious burn injuries.

Massachusetts products liability law allows victims and their families to sue over product design defects, manufacturing flaws, and marketing defects. Even if a product was designed, made, and promoted correctly, if someone is still hurt because a consumer good was used the way it was made and intended, a plaintiff can still pursue Boston personal injury damages if he/she can show that the product was unsafe enough that it caused the harm.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission

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