CPSC Says Majority of Child Drownings Happen in Backyard Pools

According to a new US Consumer Product Safety Commission report, the majority of child drowning deaths are taking place in backyard pools. Drowning remains the number one cause of accidental child deaths for kids between ages 1 and 4 and minorities.

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Per the CPSC’s latest findings:
• Over 75% of spa and pool submersion deaths involved kids under the age of 5 • 78% of spa and pool submersion injuries involve kids ages 14 and under • There have been no entrapment fatalities since 2008 • 85% of child drowning deaths happened in spas and residential pools • 50% of kid drowning injuries happened at private residences • Hispanic and African-American kids (belonging the 5 to 14 age group) have a higher risk of drowning than other kids. A main reason for this was that many of these children did not know how to swim.

Some causes of Massachusetts drowning deaths in hot tubs and pools:
• Inadequate supervision • Unlocked pool and spa gates • Fences that failed to keep kids out • Inadequate safety or rescue equipment • Failure to warn about pool depths • Poorly trained or inexperienced lifeguards • Improper maintenance or cleaning • Defective diving boards, pool slides, and ladders
Aside from Boston drowning deaths, near drowning accidents can also cause serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury, head trauma, spinal cord injury, and paralysis.
Other types of injuries can also occur if someone is involving in a Boston slip and fall incident at a swimming area. This can happen if the ground is unusually wet and someone slips and strikes the ground or falls into the pool.

With summer almost here, it is important that pool and spa owners fulfill their duty of making sure that their premises are safe for swimmers and visitors. If you believe that negligence on anyone’s part caused a Boston pool drowning, contact our Massachusetts personal injury law firm today.

A Call to Action From CPSC: Teach All Children How To Swim and Put a Fence Around All Pools, CPSC, May 22, 2013

Pool or Spa Submersion Report (PDF)

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