Deadly LA Fitness Shooting Leaves 4 People Dead and Injures 10

Four people are dead after a lone gunman entered an LA Fitness gym in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Tuesday night, shut off the lights in an aerobics room, and began shooting at patrons. He then killed himself.

Three women died in the shooting and at least 10 others were injured from the 50 rounds that he fired. According to police, the man, who a law enforcement source identified as 48-year-old George Sodini, didn’t say anything before he began shooting at people. Sodini was a gym member.

In a note found in Sodini’s gym back, the source says that the shooter talked about how he hated women.

One hospital admitted at least 5 shooting victims. A spokesperson for the hospital says the patients arrived at the hospital in critical condition.

The gunman maintained a blog prior to his death. He used the online diary to talk about his anger at being rejected by women, his desire to have a partner, and his loneliness. He lists his death as August 4, 2009. He refers to the murders as his “exit plan” and appears to have been plotting to execute his strategy for about a year.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Lawsuits Stemming from Violent Crimes
If you or someone you love was hurt because of a violent crime, there may be grounds for filing a personal injury or wrongful death complaint, such as:

Premises liability: Did inadequate security on the premise allow for the violent crime to happen?
Nursing Home negligence or abuse: Did a nursing home worker or a resident commit the crime and could the assisted living facility have acted to prevent the crime from happening? Did the facility neglect to perform a background check on the person that committed the crime?

Even if the property owner, company owner, event organizer, or another party did not have anything to do with committing the violent crime (but they could have or should have acted to prevent a crime from happen), you may be able to hold them liable for the harm that you and your love one have suffered. You also may be able to pursue financially recovery from the person that actually committed the violent.

Four dead, including gunman, in gym shooting,, August 5, 2009
At least four dead in W. Pa. gym shooting,, August 4, 2009
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