Death of Massachusetts Toddler from Crib Entrapment Leads to Latest Simplicity Crib Recall

Two years after a 1-year-old North Attleboro baby died from suffocation while entrapped between the frame and mattress of his crib, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling the Simplicity full-size cribs (both drop-side and fixed-side cribs) that come with mattress support frames that are made with tubular metal. The crib defect may prove fatal if the frame detaches or bends, causing an area of the mattress to cave, which can then become an opening that a toddler or infant can get entrapped or stuck in or fall through.

The CPSC knows of 13 other incidents involving these cribs that have resulted in the infant furniture collapsing. Another child who became entrapped was lucky enough to survive without physical injuries. One child that fell from the crib sustained minor cuts to his head.

The CPSC is warning parents to stop using the recalled cribs immediately. The agency does not know how many cribs are included in the recall. It also doesn’t have a list of all the affected models because Simplicity and SFCA Inc., its successor company, are not in business any longer.

Crib Entrapment
Crib entrapment is frequently caused by poorly designed and manufactured cribs. Suffocation, strangulation, fall injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and deaths are among the catastrophic results.

If your child died or was seriously injured because of a crib defect or another product flaw, you may have grounds for filing a Massachusetts products liability lawsuit against the negligent manufacturer, seller, and/or other liable parties.

In the last few years, the CPSC has recalled millions of cribs over product defects that are a serious injuries to children risk. The CPSC announced its latest Simplicity recall (It has recalled other Simplicity products in the past) on the same day it recalled, along with LaJobi Inc., approximately 217, 000 Graco drop-side cribs. If the drop side fails, breaks, doesn’t lock, or detaches from the crib, a baby or toddler can become entrapped between the mattress (this can lead to strangulation or suffocation) or fall to the ground.

99 drop-side failure incidents have been reported. Two children became entrapped and six children fell out of their respective cribs. None of them were seriously injured, although one child did suffer a mild concussion.

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