Did Boston Surgical Error Cause Red Sox Relief Pitcher to Miss Baseball Season?

Bobby Jenks, the Red Sox relief pitcher, claims that a Boston medical mistake during spinal surgery caused him to have to undergo an emergency procedure 18 days later. Now, Jenks may not be able to pitch this season.

Jenks underwent spinal decompression surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital last December. The procedure was supposed to alleviate a back condition. The urgery was performed by Dr. Kirkham Wood, who heads up MGH’s orthopedic spine service.

Jenks says that following the first procedure, he was leaking spinal fluid, suffered severe headaches, experienced severe pain, and developed an infection in his incision wound. 18 days after the surgery, he underwent an emergency procedure while in Arizona. Jenks says that if he didn’t have the second surgery the infection might have spread to his brain. (If, in fact, a medical error caused the complications that Jenks experienced, the Red Sox baseball player may have grounds for a Boston medical malpractice case against the Massachusetts hospital)

According to the Boston Globe, Jenks’ experience is once again raising questions about the type of care the Red Sox provides its team members. Jacob Ellsbury, the Red Sox center fielder, claims that the team made a wrong diagnosis of a rib injury he sustained in 2010 (this is an allegation that the team denies). After outfield prospect Ryan Kalish suffered a torn shoulder labrum last year, he was told to go to rehab. Several months later, he ended up requiring surgery.

In addition to the bills that can pile up because of a medical mistake, there may be other damages, including pain and suffering, lost wages, and career setbacks that have to be considered. Working with an experiencd Boston injury lawyer can increase your chances of getting the maximum financial recovery possible.

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