Dorchester Crossing Guard Struck by Car in Massachusetts Traffic Accident Dies From Her Injuries

In Massachusetts, the 59-year old crossing guard who was struck by a car as she helped a 10-year-old across a Dorchester street has died. Marie Conley passed away one week after the October 21 pedestrian accident that took place outside Mathers Elementary School.

The pedestrian accident took place in the morning. According to Boston police, Conley was using her reflective vest and had signaled that traffic should stop when she was hit by a car, driven by senior driver Anis G. Gazeau, as she walked into the crosswalk. Following the accident, Conley was rushed to Boston Medical Center with serious head injuries.

Boston Police are working with the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office to charge motorist Gazeau with motor vehicle homicide by negligent operation. The 86-year-old driver has already been cited for failure to yield to a pedestrian and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Witnesses say his car drove through the crosswalk at a speed of around 20 mph.

In an interview with the Boston Globe, Gazeau said he was not at fault and did not cause the deadly pedestrian accident. He says he never saw Conley step in front of his car. He also claims that the crossing guard walked backward into his car as she watched the kids on the sidewalk. Investigators tested his car brakes at the October 21 crash scene and found that they were working properly.

Gazeau has a number of driving infractions on his record. He was involved in another pedestrian accident in 2002. Police cited him then for failing to yield.

Conley is a grandmother and the mother of four children who spent eight years working as a school traffic supervisor. She helped young kids cross the street to and from school and, when necessary, stayed at work after her shift was over to keep kids company while they waited for their parents.

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