East Boston Elementary School Evacuated; Smoke in the Basement

The Donald McKay elementary school on Cottage Street in East Boston was evacuated Thursday because of “smoke conditions.” Staff members were already leading students out of the building when firefighters arrived to discover the source. The smoke was apparently coming from the basement. No injuries have been reported, and students will remain at the East Boston Early Education Center, the place to which they were evacuated, while the firefighters investigate.

Source: The Boston Globe, 700 East Boston elementary school evacuated due to ‘smoke conditions’

Inhalation of smoke can cause a variety of injuries. It can seriously damage the body, particularly the respiratory system, by causing asphyxiation, chemical irritation, and other respiratory complications. Coughing, difficulty breathing, throat irritation, fainting, vomiting and nausea are among the many symptoms of a smoke inhalation injury. These types of injuries might not be apparent for days. Aside from the elderly, the persons most vulnerable are those who are under the age of 11.

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