Family of Teen Who Fell from US Airways Jet in a Boston Suburb Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against US Airways

Two years after Delvonte Tisdale fell out of a flying Boeing 737 and landed in a Boston suburb, his family is suing US Airways, Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, and the city of Charlotte, NC for his wrongful death. The tragic accident involving the 16-year-old in November 2010 made national headlines after Tisdale stowed onto the plane.

The teen had run away from home and was able to get onto the airport tarmac and then later into the wheel well of the jet, which was destined for Boston, undetected. Following Tisdale’s death, a security review determined that the airport’s police force was not adequate enough to provide proper monitoring of the property. Since then, certain security recommendations have been implemented there.

The wheel well of a plane is not pressurized and there is usually not enough oxygen there. Temperatures can become very cold, even going down to way under 0 degrees. A shattered plastic card was found on Tisdale’s body. The condition of the card likely was a result of freezing temperatures in the wheel well during the flight.

Even though Tisdale is the one who got on the plane, the airline and the airport are still responsible for making sure that there are adequate security measures in place so that people can’t get into areas they aren’t supposed to ether without permission or detection. Tisdale likely didn’t know that getting onto the plane would prove fatal.

Boston Wrongful Death
If you think that your loved one died because someone else was negligent, reckless, careless, and/or failed to act to prevent the injury or death even though he/she/the entity could/should have, you may have grounds for filing a Boston wrongful death lawsuit.

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