Family’s Boston, Massachusetts Wrongful Death Suit Alleges Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice

In Middlesex Superior Court, family of Donna Ames has filed a Massachusetts wrongful death lawsuit seeking damages for plastic surgery malpractice. Ames, 49, died last July while trying to get a face lift. The family’s wrongful death lawyers claim that the procedure killed her.

Ames paid $4,700 for the elective procedure, which was supposed to be an outpatient surgery that should have lasted only an hour. However, after she was administered a local anesthesia, she began to experience what may have been adverse side effects. The oxygen in her blood dropped and her body started to violently jerk around. She was already brain dead by the time the ambulance was called.

According to Ames’ Boston cosmetic surgery malpractice lawyer, there was no anesthesiologist present during Ames’ procedure, and no one had connected her to any monitoring equipment. He says that the staff therefore had no way of determining how much oxygen she was getting. They called the ambulance 48 minutes after giving Ames her first injection.

At a Cambridge, Massachusetts hospital, Ames’ heart stopped two times. A week after she was declared brain dead, her family took her off life support.

The wrongful death defendants cosmetic surgery company Lifestyle Lift and doctors James C. Alex and Sanchayeeta Mitra. While Lifestyle Lift has expressed its condolences over Ames’ death, the company maintains that its face lift is among the safest facial procedures because local numbing medication is used instead of general anesthesia. The company claims that it did not know that Ames was allergic to anesthesia or had suffered from seizures.

Plastic surgery, even as an elective procedure, is still a medical procedure. Doctors must exercise the same care that they would when conducting other medical services for patients. Boston, Massachusetts cosmetic surgery errors can lead to disfigurement, health complications, and/or death.

Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice Can Lead To:

• Scarring • Hematoma • Infection • Lidocaine overdose • Anesthesia mistakes • Assymetry • Nipple loss • Dry eyes • Breast implants that are the wrong size • Disfigurement • Nerve damage • Medication reactions • Scarring • Chemical burns or blisters
• Too much skin removed during face lift • Not being able to close eyes • Under correction • Over-correction
It can be traumatic to have to live with the results of a botched plastic surgery procedure.

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