First Boston Bus Accident Lawsuit Filed in Soldier Field Road Overpass Crash

A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of 16-year-old Matthew Cruz. The teenager is still in the hospital after he sustained critical injuries when the bus he was a passenger in crashed into a low overpass on Soldier Field Road.

35 people were injured. The vehicle had been transporting students back from a field trip to Harvard University in Cambridge.

Cruz is represented by the Philadelphia law firm Anapol Schwartz. According to Cruz’s attorneys, the teenager sustained serious injuries to his neck and head, still cannot move his legs of his own accord, and remains intubated. He is not expected to be able to participate in normal activities in the near future. Cruz has already undergone over a dozen hours of surgery to treat his fractures and vertebrae and his condition has reportedly put him at risk of other dangerous health issues.

The family is suing Calvary Coach’s owner and bus driver Samuel J. Jackson who, they contend, did not obey warning signs barring buses from Soldier Field Road before he crashed the vehicle into Western Avenue Bridge. Their lawyers contend that crash reconstruction experts are refusing to give over access to the bus which is preventing them from being able to gather evidence needed to build a case.

Massachusetts Bus Accidents

Figuring out what happened and who is responsible for causing a bus crash can be more complicated than determining cause and liability in a Boston car accident. The sooner you get legal help the better for your case.

Bus crashes often result in multiple injuries because so many passengers can be involved. Most buses don’t have seatbelts-so serious collisions can cause victims to be thrown out of the bus, into the roof, or other areas of the vehicle. There may be multiple liable parties involved, such as a negligent bus driver, bus operator, bus manufacturer, the entity involved with maintaining the area of road where the accident happened, and others. You want to make sure you recover all the compensation that you and your family are owed.

Lawsuit filed on behalf of Neshaminy student hurt in Boston bus crash,, February 15, 2013

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