Following 8 Deaths and 16 Near Strangulations, CPSC Recalls 50 Million Roman Shades and Roll-Up Blinds

Along with the Window Covering Safety Council, Consumer Product Safety Commission is announcing another major recall-one of its largest ever-of 50 million roll-up blinds and Roman shades because they pose a possible strangulation hazard. Roman shades have been the reported cause of 16 near strangulations and 5 fatalities in just the last three years, while since 2001, the CPSC has received reports of 3 deaths because of roll-up blinds. Some three million roll-up blinds and five million Roman shades are sold annually.

The CPSC and the WCSC are providing free repair kits. Also, to prevent strangulation accidents involving window coverings, they are recommending that only cordless window coverings be used in homes that have young children. If your window blinds or shades do come with cords, then they are advising that you keep the cords out of children’s reach.

The Safe Kids USA Web site reports that airway obstruction (through suffocation, choking, and strangulation), is the number one cause of accidental injury-related fatalities among children younger than age 1. Kids, especially in the younger than 3 age range, are especially prone to strangulation injuries and deaths.

Product manufacturers are aware of the hazards that their furniture, clothing, toys, and other consumer goods can pose to this young age group. Yet many continue to make dangerous or defective products that young children continue to pay for with their lives. If this has happened to your son or daughter, do not hesitate to contact our Boston products liability lawyers about your Massachusetts child injury case.

In just the last few weeks, the CPSC has announced several major recalls involving young children’s products. In late November, it recalled 2.1 million drop-side cribs by Stork Craft due to possible suffocation, entrapment, and fall hazards. That announcement was followed up by the recall of about 500 LaJobi cribs and approximately 24,000 Amby Baby Motion Beds this month over similar concerns. The CPSC also recalled approximately one million umbrella strollers by Maclaren following 12 fingertip amputations. Also, there have been numerous recalls involving thousands of children’s clothing items and toys because they posed potential lead poisoning, choking, and strangulation hazards.

CPSC Announces Voluntary Recalls to Repair Millions of Roman Shades and Roll Up Blinds by Multiple Firms, CPSC, December 15, 2009
Airway Obstruction, SafeKids USA

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