Framingham Man Fatally Struck by Tractor Trailer

This past Tuesday a Framingham man was walking along the Massachusetts Turnpike near the 117 mile marker in Natick when he was struck by a tractor trailer and killed during the early morning hours. The victim has been identified as Ramuel Raagos, aged 40 years old. Raagos was said to be walking on the westbound side of the turnpike near the service plaza prior to the accident. According to the state troopers from the Weston State Police Barracks, it was not clear at the time why Ramuel Raagos was walking alongside the interstate. The state police have said that they did not immediately find an abandoned vehicle along the route Raagos had been heading down and are unsure of why he was walking on such a dangerous road for pedestrians.

Officers arrived at about 3:10 AM and it was evident to the state police at that time that Ramuel Raagos had suffered fatal injuries. He was then determined to be deceased at the scene of the accident. Raagos had been hit by a 1999 Sterling AT-95 tractor trailer that was being operated by a 49 year old man from Waterbury, Connecticut. The driver of the vehicle, who has yet to be identified, was employed by Bozzutos Incorporated of Cheshire, Connecticut—Buzzutos owned the truck he was operating as well. It has been reported that both the driver of the vehicle and the representative for the trucking company were being cooperative with the ongoing investigation. The authorities have said they were also investigating the rig of the tractor trailer in an effort to determine what may have potentially caused the accident to occur.

Following the accident, the breakdown lane and the right lane of Interstate I- 90 were closed down until about 5:35 AM in order to allow police to continue investigating the scene.

The exact nature surrounding the accident was not made immediately available to the public. There was no word yet on whether or not Ramuel Raagos was visible to the driver from where he was walking alongside the highway or how exactly it was that he came to be struck by the vehicle. Little is known about the accident, and further information will hopefully be divulged in the days and weeks to follow.

The Framingham Patch website has said that Ramuel Raagos was an active member of the Framingham community. They reported that he belonged to various organizations in addition to being a regular presence at a local parish, St. Andrew’s Church. Raagos also participated as a member of the Welcoming Framingham organization. The article goes on to say that Raagos also campaigned for various Democratic candidates around Framingham and the surrounding districts, and that he even campaigned statewide as well.

The circumstances surrounding this upsetting accident and the facts leading up to the situation are still being actively investigated by the Weston State Police Barracks troopers. Troopers from the State Police Detective Unit that is attached to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office were also assigned to help with the investigation.

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