NFL Star Injured in Fireworks Accident

In the days leading up to the July 4th weekend, we posted a blog with safety tips that should be followed while out celebrating this joyous occasion. In the article we cautioned about the potential for serious injuries while shooting off fireworks under your own accord. In the days following these July 4th celebrations, multiple stories are emerging of people of various ages suffering major injuries as a result of lighting off their own fireworks. Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time—they can happen to people in your neighborhood, people in your home state, and they can also happen to big-time NFL players as well.

Jason Pierre-Paul, a 26 year old defensive end for the New York Giants, found out the hard way that fireworks can pose a serious threat when they are being handled by someone other than a professional. Pierre-Paul reportedly celebrated the 4th of July at his home in South Florida; an occasion that apparently called for an entire U-Haul van full of fireworks. According to an online report, a neighbor even expressed concern for their safety and the safety of their home upon seeing the van of fireworks arrive in their neighborhood. It’s possible that this individual was well versed in the side effects pyrotechnics can produce—and should have probably warned Pierre-Paul about them, too.

While shooting off these fireworks at his home, Jason Pierre-Paul suffered non-life threatening (and non-career threatening) injuries to his hands and fingers. Initial reports suggested that he had lost fingers in the accident, but a representative for the New York Giants said those claims had been exaggerated. Although the full extent of his injuries has yet to be released, it is believed that Pierre-Paul suffered substantial burns on the palms of his hands as well as on several of his fingers. It is also believed that he may have potentially sustained nerve damage in one of the fingers in addition to the burns. Following the accident, Pierre-Paul was transported to the North Broward Medical Center in Deerfield Beach Florida for treatment of these burns.

It is not apparent if Pierre-Paul, who is currently in contract negotiations with the New York Giants, will be affected professionally by this incident. The Giants may feel that they need to speak out about the dangers of fireworks and the importance of self-awareness in order to avoid reckless behavior. Perhaps the entire incident will provide an example of what could happen when anyone mishandles fireworks. Time will heal Jason Pierre-Paul’s damaged hand, and hopefully with the passing of this time, he will come to realize the error of his ways.

Fireworks are usually best left to the professionals. A number of incidents are being reported of firework related injuries, and even in one case, a fatal accident. It is important to remember that anything can happen at any moment when you are directly involved with shooting off fireworks. It is best in these situations to remain at a safe distance away from where the fireworks are being set off–and to be absolutely sure that they are not being fired in the direction of any person, home, or wooded area.

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